Hey, we are Frankie

We're creating a world where mental health is celebrated.
Frankie Health

What we believe in

Frankie is reinventing mental health support in the workplace through building intelligent tools that personalise the care provided to team members.
Frankie Health


We embrace the responsibility of making a positive impact on the world for ourselves and future generations.


We are candid, direct, and make informed decisions based on research and evidence.


We’re determined to always be learning. We don’t see mistakes as failure, only as an opportunity to grow.


We are egoless and focus on what is best for the mission of delivering effective mental health support.


We're curious about our surroundings, how things work, and how we improve them.


We're open and authentic in our communication and actions.

Our Founders

First meeting in Bali while supporting a non-profit on a mission to reduce plastic waste, Seb and James instantly bonded over a desire to tackle important issues in this world. Having both witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of mental health issues on family and friends, the two began to strategise how to develop and deliver a scalable solution in the workplace. Sharing a passion for technology and delivering beautiful digital experiences, Frankie was launched in August 2020.
Seb Poole

Seb Poole


Seb loves building businesses that matter. Coming from an engineering and product background, Seb has founded and operated at the executive level of a number of businesses across Asia-Pacific. Frankie is the latest passion and endeavour set to redefine how businesses approach mental health care in the workplace
James McGann

James McGann


James loves working for a purpose that he believes in. James ran the commercial side of three different start-ups in California, Europe and Hong Kong before co-founding Frankie. Along that journey, James found a personal passion for meditation and saw that improving mental health would be the why that drives him.

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