Personalised mental healthcare for your workforce

Intelligent mental health support for both remote and on-site employees to reduce anxiety, burnout, and stress.
Frankie Health

A holistic, personalised mental health platform for employers and their teams

Frankie Health
Frankie Health

Reduce turnover prevent burnout and improve your team's morale

Frankie uses clinical assessments to understand your team members and personalise the timing, frequency and type of support offered.

Build a company culture that values positive mental health

Destigmatize mental health, unite your employees with team challenges, and successfully build an internal wellbeing movement through Frankie.
Frankie Health

Poor Mental Health is expensive

Frankie Health

Access to leading mental health therapists

Support your employees by providing secure and easy access to an extensive community of experienced therapists. Frankie guides your team members to a professional that will suit their needs.

Overview of your team's progress

View the success of introducing Frankie in your business with anonymised reporting of team member engagement and feedback.
Frankie Health

How Frankie compares to traditional solutions

Frankie's Solution
Instant on-boarding
Personalised care journeys
Preventative exercises
Measurable outcomes
Secure digital platform
A Traditional EAP
Rollout takes 2 to 3 weeks
Everyone receives the same experience
Reactive care only
No measurement or iterative improvement to care
Requires a phone call to access services

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