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Wellness Content

High quality podcasts, articles and videos that dicusss mental health.


Guided audio meditations from experienced teachers for all levels.

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Frankie's approach

Mental health is different for everyone. We can be feeling mentally strong one month, then something happens and we can be overcome with sadness or anxiety.

Frankie develops resilience using preventative exercises that give tools for handling difficult situations when they arise. If more support is needed, Frankie will recommend an experienced therapist to talk through a challenging period.

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Frankie's strengths

7-step vetting process

Our thorough vetting process ensures that we uphold the highest standards of excellence in our therapist community.

100% Confidentiality

All data is fully secure, never shared and all video calls are end-to-end encrypted.

World-class outcomes

By observing progress and client feedback, we maintain the highest quality of therapists in the community.

Evidence-based approach

The modalities that we use have been validated by high quality studies and show significant proof of efficiency.
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Mental health is just like physical health

If you want to build your fitness, you might see a trainer once a week, and then complete your exercises between sessions with your trainer. Frankie’s approach to mental health is the same. Frankie introduces your therapist and gives you exercises to complete at home.

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